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A great business offers more than just a product or service, it has a solid point of view.  A different way to offer traditional services that sets it apart in the marketplace.  Sibert Law Group represents a niche segment of the business community with a focus on privately owned companies, entrepreneurs and investors.  We believe that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) play a major role in the economy and we are proud to count them amongst some of our long-standing and most successful clients.  We also represent larger companies that need legal assistance in the areas of product manufacturing, distribution, franchising and licensing.   
Practice Areas
  1. Franchising
    We help individuals evaluate a franchise or licensing opportunity. Our clients include area developers, master franchisees, single and multi-unit franchise owners. We also work with existing companies that are ready to franchise their business. Call today for information on our franchise packages.
  2. Business Growth
    Our services are tailored to fit our client's ever-changing legal needs. We offer practical legal advice if you are expanding to multiple retail locations, distributing a new product, or growing your team with contractors or employees. We also assist clients with business & franchise sales and acquisitions.
  3. Startups
    Are you ready to start your own business? Or, is it time to take your existing company to the next level? We can register your corporation or limited liability company (LLC), create shareholder agreements, and assist with licensing / permits and other regulatory compliance. Call to learn about our startup packages.
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We are committed to the same principles that we started with over 10 years ago  -  respond quickly, work efficiently and think creatively.  We are more than just a law firm, we are your legal partner in business.  Our clients recognize that we care about their business and their bottom line as much as they do.  Our advice is not cookie cutter and neither are we.  Contact us and learn why clients consistently refer us to friends and colleagues. 

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